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Sulfur Analyzer(硫)

RPP-5000S 紫外荧光定硫仪 白.JPG

RPP-5000S Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer

The application of high-precision integrated circuits and computer technology provides reliable assurance for data acquisition, control, and processing. It complies with standards such as SH/T0689, ASTM D5453 etc. and operates on the principle of high-temperature oxidation pyrolysis to detect the total sulfur content in samples. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, coal, food, environmental protection, and other fields.

RPP-5000S features high sensitivity, low noise, a wide linear range, strong anti-interference capability, high analytical precision, simple operation, stable performance and reliable measurement results.

Measurement Range

0.05 mg/L~ 10000 mg/L (percentage content)(liquid)

1.0ppm ~10000ppm (solid)

1.0mg/m³ ~ 10000mg/m³ (gas)

Note: For samples with content greater than 10000 mg/L, dilute before measurement.

Repeatability Error:

0.05 mg/L ≤ sample (or standard) concentration < 0.2 mg/L: RSD ≤20%

0.2 mg/L ≤ sample (or standard) concentration < 1.0 mg/L: RSD ≤ 10%

1.0 mg/L ≤ sample (or standard) concentration ≤ 10 mg/L: RSD ≤ 8%

                   sample (or standard) concentration > 10 mg/L: RSD ≤ 5%

Instrument Dimensions (L× W × Hmmkg)

· Main unit: 540×490×190

· Temperature & Gas Flow Control System: 540×490×320

· Liquid Sampler: 360×210×160

· Weight: 45 kg

Installation Requirements

Environmental Requirements

·Maintain a constant temperature of 20–30°C, with humidity less than 80%, good ventilation, no direct sunlight, and it's recommended to use an air-conditioned room.

·Avoid corrosive, flammable and explosive gases, and dust, to prevent corrosion, short circuits, and reduced sensitivity of the instrument's measurement.

·The workbench should be stable and free of vibrations; approximately 2.4 meters long and 0.8 meters wide, capable of bearing more than 80kg weight, with enough space for the placement and operation of the instrument and its accessories.

Power Requirements

· Power voltage ~220V±5%, 50Hz

· Power wattage ≥3kW

· With good ground connection, ground resistance 5Ω.

· Avoid sharing the same phase power source with high-power, high-frequency equipment.

Gas Supply Requirements

· High-purity oxygen: Purity >99.999%, water content less than 5ppm, pressure 0.2MPa (partial pressure), flow rate 250-500mL/min. Oxygen cylinders must be equipped with oxygen pressure reducing valves.

· High-purity argon: Purity >99.999%, water content less than 5ppm, pressure 0.2MPa (partial pressure), flow rate 50-300mL/min. Argon cylinders must be equipped with argon pressure reducing valves.

· The gas path uses stainless steel or PTFE tubing, which is cleaned with acetone and then purged with pure gas for 10 minutes to ensure the gas path clean.